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Our Classes

Our class names are all linked with a water-based theme and were decided in consultation with the children. Our rationale was for two reasons. Firstly, it is part of our curriculum intent to make greater links with our local community and for our children to recognise the importance of Immingham as a key port town. The Port of Immingham & Grimsby was the largest port in the United Kingdom by tonnage with 54 million tonnes of cargo passing through in 2019. In 2020, our children took part in various activities linked to the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower, where Immingham played a key role as the Pilgrims set sail for the Americas. Our second reason was to make links with our drive to incorporate outdoor learning across our curriculum. Our internal garden area; wildlife area; outdoor classroom; newly planted orchard and pond areas help our children to explore the importance of nature.

We have divided our year groups into 4 water-based themes – each representing a key skill and/or part of an on-going journey throughout the school. Children enter our school and start their journey with all their life possibilities ahead of them; as they progress through the school, they continue their learning through KS1, gaining key life skills such as resilience with the ultimate goal that as they enter their final years, we will prepare them for a world of opportunities, where every child can go on to achieve the life goals and dreams, ensuring all are fully prepared and inspired to know they can be whoever they wish to be.

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Pond of Possibilities
Nursery & Reception
Lake of Learning
Years 1 & 2
River of Resilience
Year 3 & 4
Ocean of Opportunities
Years 5 & 6