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Year 6 Learn Big Top Skills In Celebration Of Year End

Roll up! Roll up! Year 6 pupils at Pilgrim Academy became circus performers for the day thanks to a visit from a professional.

Adam Boom from What !f Circus visited the children as part of their end of year celebrations. Pupils took part in a variety of activities such as juggling, plate spinning and balancing bird feathers.

Adam said: "Well, what can I say? I'll start by saying what amazing students and teachers you have at Pilgrim Academy! Congratulations on working so hard to foster such an inclusive place and space for all to engage in our fun day of play!

“I can see that your teachers, especially, invest in a respectful and nurturing relationship towards their students, being able to communicate clearly and with fun as the emphasis to their learning experience.”

Year 6 pupil Zara Macheva said: "It was an extremely fun day! We can now spin plates, perform with a diablo and balance feathers on our hands." 

Jordan Gibbon, Year 6 Teacher said: "Everyone was engaged throughout the day and enjoyed the variety of tasks. The children all felt included and were able to make progress in the different circus disciplines throughout the day.

“They enjoyed the hooping, balancing and diablo more than the juggling as they were able to make quicker progress and see results. Children demonstrated resilience throughout the day and weren’t deterred by the setbacks they faced.”