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Year 5’s Bikeability

Year 5’s took part in the Bikeability scheme delivered by Lincs Inspire.

Bikeability is the Government’s national cycle training programme. It helps pupils learn practical skills and understand how to cycle on today’s roads. 

Bikeability gives everyone the confidence to cycle and enjoy this skill for life. It works in two parts: 

Level 1

The level 1 is in the playground where the riders’ cycling skills are assessed, and ensure they can check a bike is safe to use and that they can put their helmet on correctly.

They cover shoulder checks, signalling and emergency stops so the pupils can be fully prepared to head out on the road for level 2.

Level 2

Level 2 is out on the road and they cover a number of different manoeuvres to assess if they are safe on the roads. The children have to deal with traffic regularly and control their side of the roads and the junction they could be approaching.

The manoeuvres they had to perform were the following:

• Start/Stop

• Passing a parked car

• Passing a side road

• Left into a junction

• Right into a junction

• Left out of a junction

• Right out of a junction

The Lincs inspire coaches said: "All the pupils were amazing across the week and we hope we can work in the school again in the future."

Well done Year 5!