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Trip to Wilberforce College

Key Stage 2 visit Wilberforce College to learn about water and flooding.

Equans and Yorkshire Water joined together to fund all children in Key Stage 2 to visit Wilberforce College in Hull to learn about living with water and the risks of flooding.

The visits were part of the wider work that is being completed with the school on sustainable drainage.

The children took part in different practical activities to learn about sewer pipes and FOG (fats, oils and grease), plants and animals living in water and road flooding.

They were able to see how flooding can change people’s lives and what they can do to prevent flooding.

The staff at Wilberforce College were impressed with the children’s knowledge of the water cycle and the vocabulary that they used to describe it.

The children were able to explain about the school’s new planters which aim to reduce flooding in Immingham.

Their learning from the workshops linked with their lessons in Geography and helped the children to make links with everyday life.

The children all really enjoyed their half day workshop.

Finley Mountain (Y3) said: “It was exciting to visit a college and see what can happen if somewhere floods.”

Kayleigh Morley, Vice Principal said: “The visits were excellent and the children were very excited to see examples of work they have discussed in school.”