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Tour Of Latest Facilities Wins Approval of Parents and Carers

Parents and children enjoy a tour of Pilgrim Academy and some tasting pots of food provided by Academy caterers, Mellors.

Parents and carers gave Pilgrim Academy's facilities their approval on a tour to show-off all of the improvements made at the school during the Covid restrictions.

The main focus of the evening was the new outdoor learning areas, which include a wonderful garden, known as ‘Pilgrim’s Patch’ and a wildlife area, which includes a new outdoor classroom and pond. In addition, parents were able to view the new library and sensory room.

On arrival, caters Mellors produced some tasting pots, giving parents a chance to sample some of the food experienced by the children. There was also an opportunity to speak to members of the Mellors team, including chef, Tracey Connor.

Andy Clark, Executive Principal, said he was delighted that so many people had attended and were so pleased with the facilities. Following the event, parents were asked to complete a brief survey offering their views, which were extremely positive.

Hannah King, mother of Leo and Lily King, said: ‘It was lovely to see the new facilities and to see how proud the children were of their school. The new wildlife area, pond and outdoor classrooms are brilliant and had a lovely calm feeling. The new library is wonderful and an inspiring place for both my children who are in Year 6 and Nursery.”

Tara Soady, mother of Callum Soady, said: “I’ve only really seen Nursery and the main hall due to Covid restrictions. I loved being able to come and have a tour; everyone was welcoming, the facilities and learning areas look great, the outdoor areas especially make learning more fun and memorable. I can’t wait for more opportunities to come into school to see what things my son does at school. My daughter, who hopefully will start in September, really enjoyed the nursery area - I enjoyed watching her in that area. It was lovely.”

Saf Salvador, mother of Leo Pickering, said: “I think the facilities are amazing! Beautiful library with amazing art work. I love EYFS; I like how there is lots of lovely sensory items in there. Also, there is so much for outdoor free-flow play. The outdoor classroom and wildlife area creates a calm space for children to  enjoy outside. All the children throughout school seem to be so proud of how lovely their school is.”

Charlotte Baker, mother of Harriett Baker, said: “All the food looked and tasted delicious. The range offered is brilliant and encouraged my daughter to try new foods. As she moves up classes, I will definitely be booking them rather than a packed lunch. Just a thank you to all the staff involved. It was well organised, and I enjoyed seeing my old school and the changes that have been made to enrich my daughter's school days and seeing the areas she talks about at home.”

Growing our own flowers and vegetables.

The brand new pond in the wildlife area.

The new wildlife area for outdoor learning.

Mellors caterers in the kitchens.