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Three Little Pigs Bricklaying Workshop

Key Stage 1 children got their hands dirty today when they learned how to build with Mr Coleman of DC Brickworks.

This term, the children have been using the story of The Three Little Pigs in English and Guided Reading. They have learned the traditional tale by heart after acting it out, sequencing the events and describing the characters.

The children have also been exploring the different materials to build structures, so Mr Coleman paid us a visit to demonstrate how to use bricks to build a house. He told us the names of all the tools and equipment he uses, including ‘gobbo’, which is a term used commonly by bricklayers for the material, mortar.

He also explained what is in the cement mixture and showed us how to use it to put the bricks together using the tools. At the end of the visit, just like the wolf, the children couldn’t blow it down either!