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Theatre Company Performs At Primary Academy

Great fun was had by children who took part in an interactive production of Wind in the Willows by a professional theatre company.

Image Musical Theatre had previously performed The Reluctant Dragon for the children and received outstanding feedback. The children and staff were very excited to have them return for their new production.

The company’s Katrina and Amelia taught all of the children from Reception to Year 6 the songs and dance actions.

The children were taught how to use low and high pitches when singing and used this when performing during the final performance.

There were lots of songs with different tempos, ranging from a slower one about Mr Toad and a faster-paced piece about the weasels, stoats and Ratty.

The children enjoyed finding out about the different characters in the play and their roles in the story.

Some of the children were chosen to wear costumes and were shown how to act out their parts during the play.

Jessica Danks (Year 3) from Otters said: "I loved acting as part of the play, I enjoyed being one of the characters."

Sophia Allen (Year 1) from Cygnets said: "It was great to join in and not just watch!"

The children loved the performance and workshop and are looking forward to a return visit! Pilgrim Academy would like to thank Image Musical Theatre for visiting and sharing such a wonderful performance with everyone.

Kayleigh Morley, Vice Principal said: "It was excellent for Image Musical Theatre to return to the school and share another fantastic performance with the children."