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Students visit the Port of Immingham

Students from Pilgrim Academy visited the Port of Immingham to learn more about the ports and how it operates.

The children of Immingham rarely get the opportunity to explore this part of their community as it is closed off from the public but the children of Pilgrim Academy (Reception, KS1 and KS2) were given exclusive access to areas of the Port on a coach, which took place through a series of trips over a 10 day period.

Tour guide, Jess told the students all about the port and how everything works at ABP. The Port of Immingham is the largest UK port by tonnage and handles around 46 million tonnes of cargo every year.

Jess also brought safety gear onto the coach and the students passed them around and tried them on. Jess explained how important it was to stay safe on the site of the Port and encouraged the children to ask lots of questions and take guesses about what goes on around the 1000-acre site.

The Port supports 10,500 jobs nationally and contributes over £700 million to the economy every year. The students were given a workbook full of fun activities from wordsearches, drawing challenges and questions about what the tour guide advised them to complete whilst they toured the Port on a coach. Jess talked them through all of the different sections of the port and the students were tasked with finding a crane, a wind turbine and a forklift truck.

The students were asked what they thought of the trip and had the following to say:

“The trip showed us places we’ve never seen before. It was really interesting!” Bethany, 7

“This is where my dad works and now, I’ve seen it for myself” Cameron, 6

“We found out so much about the Port that I didn’t already know” Taylor S, 10

“The ships and cranes were huge! I also saw some brand-new fire engines” Charlie 5.