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Students at Pilgrim Academy treated to The Indian Experience

Sunita Patel from The Indian Experience visited the school in Immingham to teach the students about her Indian culture.

Sunita travels across the county visiting primary schools to give talks on traditions in Hinduism.

On her visit this week, she hosted an assembly with the whole school and taught the children about Indian culture. She told stories and showed the pupils how to dress in traditional Indian clothing.

Sunita said: “My job is vital. I visit so many schools where they don’t see my culture at all. Some children don’t understand how I am dressed like this but can speak perfect English.

I usually start my assemblies in my own language and you can see the shock on children’s faces but once I start to speak English and teach them to count and say hello in my language, they are very engaged and enjoy the session.”

Sunita started by showing the children how to put on a sari and how people of importance would traditionally dress.

The children were then allowed to choose their outfits and were dressed in beautiful costume to learn some Indian dances.

Each child was given a bindi, which they could choose to wear and keep if they wished, and the girls were given the chance to wear hair jewellery.

Sunita then instructed the children on various dances including Bollywood, Indian folk dances of the Gurba and Ras-Dandiya and the Bhangra.

Phoebe and Darcie demonstrated how to dance the Ras-Dandiya and helped Sunita with instructions for the other children on how to use their dandiya sticks in the dance.

Phoebe Cain (Y4) said: “I really loved the dancing and dressing up in the clothes. The last dance was my favourite!”

Darcie Rodger (Y4) said: “I really enjoyed the different dresses and especially the hair jewellery.”

The children also took part in creating some artwork with Sunita. She taught them how to create Rangoli art and they were amazed when the final pieces were revealed.

The children worked together in teams and created some beautiful work.

Sienna Pottage (Y4), who was chosen to be dressed as the Indian Princess in traditional formal skirt and top said: “This is really great. This is one of the best days I’ve ever had at school.”

Principal at Pilgrim Academy, Andy Clark said: “The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. It was fantastic to see them up and dancing in their wonderful clothing.

It has been an excellent opportunity for the children to have a different cultural experience and learn about key aspects of Hinduism, which links brilliantly to our RE curriculum.”