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Rocket Challenge Has Nursery Children Enthralled

Nursery children will be making rockets this week as they study the book 'The Way back Home.'

Either working from home or school, nursery children at Pilgrim Academy will be making rockets this week as part of their project on space as they read the story ‘The Way Back Home’.                

The book tells the story of a boy who goes into space and meets an alien. The children have been talking about space and how to get there. They have also talked about and made their own astronauts and space pictures for display. 

This week we are discussing how to make rockets, what we need to make them and have started to build our very own big rocket for the classroom. Later in the week, the children will also be making their own individual rockets. Children who are working from home are also doing this. We plan to talk about what and how we made them in a show-and-tell session on Friday, on a live Teams meeting.