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Pilgrim Academy children marked the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

Children marked the 80th Anniversary of D-Day with lots of activities.

Nick, from The Rabbit Hole in Brigg, gave a workshop to the Year 4 and 6 pupils.

He discussed the artefacts he had brought to show them such as medals and uniforms. He had ration cards and original photos of families and those who went to war.

He spoke about recent stories that have been written such as 'Finding Alfie' by Michael Morpurgo and 'D-Day Dog' by Tom Palmer.

These are lovely stories about the war for children to help them understand what happened and why we still remember 80 years on.

On the official anniversary, the children were invited to a whole school assembly delivered by Minister Tor from our local church, St Andrew's.

They talked to the children about what D-Day was and explained the importance of remembering those who fought and died for their country.

Minister Tor explained how brave and courageous the soldiers were to relate to our school values of Courage, Kindness and Respect.

Back in their classrooms, the children had the opportunity to design their own medal.

The children were told to consider who in the war they might give a medal to, what it would look like, what materials it was made from and how it would be worn.

They also had to think about a message or words of courage to write on the back of the medal.

Later in the day, the children had a visit from Mister Mayor and Madam Mayoress of North East Lincolnshire.

They came to speak with the children about their learning of D-Day and the activities they had been involved with.

The children paraded in lines outside their classrooms wearing the medal they had made as Mister Mayor and Madam Mayoress asked them questions about them and commented on the vibrant colours used and kind messages written.

Mister Mayor made particular effort to speak to as many of the children he could individually.

As he left, he told the Year 6 pupils what a pleasure the visit had been and how important it is that we pay special attention to Anniversaries like these and always remember.