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Lab Rascals Workshop Inspires Primary School Scientists

Pilgrim Academy pupils learn about dry ice in a Science workshop hosted by Lab Rascals. Evalynne Young (6) and Erin Drinkell (7) use their tweezers to pick it up.

Pilgrim Academy children were wowed by Science as they explored ‘The States of Matter’ with the help of Lab Rascals.

Lab Rascals provide hands-on school Science workshops delivered by chemist and company director, Katie Norman. At Pilgrim Academy, children in all age groups had the opportunity to take part in the workshops, which involved dry ice experiments and striking visual demonstrations. 

The children were taught to use safety gear, such as gloves and tweezers, and to determine whether a substance was acid or alkaline by using the PH chart, or the rainbow, as Lab Rascals referred to it for the younger children.

Katie said this introduction to Science experiments for the primary school children was a fantastic way to learn. “They get so much more out of this hands-on workshop than they could from a text book, and you can see just how much they enjoy it. They really get involved,” she said.

The children wanted to know how Katie learned to do the experiments and she told them that she attended university for four years to study chemistry and they too could do the same if they work hard.

Leanne Kapka, Science Lead at Pilgrim Academy, said the Lab Rascals visit had been a tremendous success. 

“The children are learning so much from this workshop about Science and the difference between acid and alkaline. For the younger ones it also helps with their fine motor skills as they have to learn to use the tweezers to pick up the dry ice. 

“Every class has been fully engaged in the workshops and the experiments have been great fun and had the children asking lots of questions.”

Katie Norman from Lab Rascals thrills the children with her dry ice experiment.

Lab Rascals visit to Pilgrim Academy. Pictured front are (l-r): Roscoe Bennett (6), Sofia Ritchie (6), Violet Murray (6) and Cameron Dolby (6). Behind them are (l-r) Katie Norman, Director of Lab Rascals, and Leanne Kapka, Science Lead at Pilgrim Academy.

Pilgrim Academy pupils learn about dry ice in a workshop hosted by Lab Rascals. Pictured are Benjamin Searby (6), Alfie Hynes (6), Maddie Shepherd (7) and Bentley Barratt (6).

Teddy-Philip Bird-Mason (6) and Elliot Perrin (6) with their dry ice.

Sonya-Marie Grice (6) and Ava Sharpe (6) use their tweezers to hold the dry ice.

Katie Norman from Lab Rascals teaches Pilgrim Academy pupils about acid and alkaline substances.