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Internet Safety A Priority As Pupils Make Video Diary About Online Respect

Pictured recording their Safer Internet Day video diary are Pilgrim Academy pupils: (from left) Silvana Ivanova (Year 6), Antonina Paczuska (Year 3), Nathan Reynolds (Year 4), Ethan Griffiths (4), Ruby-Paige Goy (5), Maisy Franklin (Year 5),  Kaiden Murray, seated (Year 6), and far right, Oliver Woods (Year 6).

Pilgrim Academy pupils have been learning how to stay safe and respectful on the internet and have made their own video diary showing other children what action to take in different scenarios.

As part of Safer Internet Day, the children in all year groups learned the dos and don’ts of the internet whether they are doing school work online, playing games with friends or interacting with others.

The children as young as 4 and 5 showed what they had learned by answering questions on a video diary at the end of the day. They included Ruby-Paige Goy (5) and Ethan Griffiths (4), who were the first to give their answers.

They were asked how to keep safe online at home. Ethan said he would always sit next to mummy or daddy while on the internet. Ruby-Paige said you should never share your passcode with anyone but mum and dad.

Year 4 pupil Nathan Reynolds explained how if someone upsets you online you should take a screenshot to prove that it has happened and pass it on to an adult, either a parent or a teacher in school.

Antonina Paczuska (Year 3) added that you can also block the person you are receiving nasty messages from to stop you getting hurt any further.

Year 6 pupil Oliver Woods said his class did a quiz in which they were given 10 different scenarios and had to choose the most sensible options for each one.

“For example, if someone was swearing in your group chat what would you do: delete the chat, remove it, or speak to a parent and explain it wasn’t you? The last one was the most sensible option and my team picked that one,” he said.

Maisy Franklin (Year 5) said: “Being respectful online means being kind and supportive to others when you are playing games. Don’t put pressure on them if they cannot play the game very well and don’t make them feel left out.”

Year 5 and 6 Teacher Jordan Gibbon, who organised the event, said it was more important than ever to teach children from an early age how to be safe and to respect others while using the internet.  

“Children are using the internet from a very young age. We use iPads in school regularly, and staying safe and respectful while they are online is extremely important. We have done a number of exercises right across the school today to help them understand how important it is to be kind and supportive and to report anything they feel is not good behaviour. The children then recorded a video diary showing what they had learned for our academy website.”

Callum Bale (10) and Juanita Otu (10) produce some artwork for Safer internet Day.

Ethan Griffiths (4) and Ruby-Paige Goy (5) are the first to deliver their views on staying safe and respectful on the internet on the video diary.

Maisy Franklin gives her views on internet safety on the video diary in the Pilgrim Academy Library.

Pilgrim Academy pupils learn how to stay and respectful online as part of Safer Internet Day.