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Green-Fingered Phoenix Reaps Wonderful Harvest

Phoenix Class harvest their very own produce from their Academy garden.

At the start of the Summer term, Phoenix decided that they would like to grow some vegetables as part of their science topic about plants. They were given peas, broad beans, carrots and sprouts. They carefully prepared the raised bed and planted them once the frosts had gone.

I really liked it when I picked the carrots. They were really yummy!“ Sasha.

Over the weeks they remembered to water them every day, including a tomato plant which was living in the classroom to start with. They would regularly visit the garden to check on how the plants were growing. There was great excitement when the first flowers began to appear. The children learnt how those flowers then become the food. 

I enjoyed podding the peas and picking the blackcurrants.“ Taylor.

Finally, the day arrived for the children to harvest what they had grown. They learnt how to pick and pod the vegetables, the differences between the pods and also about how either animals can use the left overs or it can be composted in order to make new soil.

I loved the carrots because they were crunchy and I liked taking the broad beans out of their pods. “ Esme.

As well as the vegetables, the children were also able to collect the strawberries and blackcurrants that had been planted by the Gardening Club in previous years.

My favourite thing was eating the peas, they were tasty!  “ Maisy.

Once all the food was prepared, cleaned and cooked, the children enjoyed tasting their home-grown food. They certainly enjoyed it as there was nothing left!!

I liked eating the best. “ Archie.