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First meeting of Student Leadership Team

Pilgrim Academy’s newly formed Student Leadership Team met to discuss important school issues.

They all had an active voice and enjoyed being ambassadors for their class.

As a team, they discussed how we can continue to improve our school and how we can engage more with charities and the local community.

Ideas were bounced around in relation to school clubs: many student leaders would love us to develop an even wider range of after school clubs that we currently provide. From dance to basketball, Maths to library club their ideas were endless and very exciting.

Harvey Hynes, House Captain for Allerton said: “I think a Maths club would be brilliant – we as older pupils could invite younger pupils to play Maths activities with us after school. This could a great way to improve timetable knowledge.”

The leadership team continued to chat about arranging exciting events such as: bake sales, school discos and sponsored active challenges.

Mrs Ireson, Year 6 teacher and Student Leadership Team Co-ordinator, added: “It is wonderful to have such a passionate team of pupils who want to give their time and ideas to benefit the school.”

The final note to leave on was a fun idea that came from Oliver Zak, Year 1 Cygnets Student Leader, who said it would be great to have a party club!

"We could all sing and dance to let off some steam at the end of the day."