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Eurovision Eat Your Heart Out!

Only Graham Norton was missing when Year 3 and 4 children ran with the theme of Eurovision, creating their own outlandish costumes and showcasing their singing voices.

Eurovision is the theme for the Spring Term and, as part of this, the children are exploring different areas of recent European history in some of the countries involved in the popular competition. These countries are the UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Norway, Germany and France. Alongside their Geography and History learning, they have a number of Art and Design Technology projects in the pipeline. 

The first Design Technology project was inspired by the eccentric costumes that the performers wear during the Eurovision competition entries. Pupils began by researching the variety of designs that have been worn, and noticed that frequently the costumes match the song that is performed. For example, the 'Butterflies' entry from Belarus in 2010. 

The next step was to design their own outfits using the inspiration from their research. These designs included labels of the colour, fabric and pattern for each element of the costume.

Once the design stage was complete, the children began creating the costumes. The costumes were mostly made out of recycled clothing, but others even featured materials such as tin foil! The materials were also joined together in a variety of ways such as hot glue and sewing. 

The costumes turned out fantastically well! Some of the children chose to showcase not only their design skills, but also their singing and dancing skills by performing their very own Eurovision Song Contest entry. 

Elissa Richie (Year 4) said: "We dressed up Jorgie as a Phoenix. It was funny and it made us work together." 

Jazmin Thomson said: "Jayden dressed me up as a flower queen. I really liked seeing everyone's outfits."

Teacher Mollie Turner said: "It has been fantastic to see the children thoroughly enjoy expressing their creativity through this project. We definitely have some budding stars!"