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Democratic Vote Elects New House Captains

All pupils played a vital role in the future of Pilgrim Academy with the election of our new Year 6 leaders for each house.

On 14th November 2022, the culmination of their efforts resulted in new house captains for each of the four houses.

The House Captain election process started back in October when prospective ambassadors had to obtain the backing of a pupil, teacher and another adult before their application could be accepted. Each successful nominee then created their election campaign by designing a promotional poster and writing a short speech to be delivered to the entire school.

Callum Langdale, Winslow candidate commented: “It has been so much fun campaigning and showing the younger pupils what they could be part of when they reach Year 6.”

Friday, soon came around and it was election day. A secret ballot ultimately cemented the new leaders of Allerton, Bradford, Clyfton and Winslow. All candidates did themselves proud by having the courage to stand above everybody and put themselves forward.

The democratic vote elected the following pupils:

  • Allerton – Harvey Hynes
  • Bradford – Summer Parker
  • Clyfton – Atakan Hasan
  • Winslow – Brooke Swift

After the results were announced Atakan Hasan, Clyfton House Captain said: “I am so pleased that year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to take an active role in the future of the school.”

Mrs Joanne Ireson, Student Leadership Co-ordinator shared: “We are proud of all the candidates that went for house captaincy; they showed great courage and determination. The new house captains will have a key role in representing the school within the wider community. Currently, we have many exciting links being made that they can be part of during their final year at Pilgrim Academy.”