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Class Cafe Discovers Bread Tastes Good Just As It Is!

Lyra Class with Michael Fisher, from Fishers’ Farm Shop Ltd, who donated our produce.

Year 1 Lyra class children were tasked with re-designing a loaf of bread for their age group; to make the product more appealing and to encourage children to eat more of it. They decided that sweets and chocolate might make the bread better and more appealing. 

The children were also asked to re-design a fruit salad, to make it more appealing to children their age. They decided that adding a sweet or chocolate element to the salad would encourage children of their age to eat more of it. 

In teams they created designs with clear names for their products and detailed pictures of the product with labels included. We had names for the bread, such as: Taste the Rainbow bread to Skittle Heaven. They really thought about their products as food development technicians. 

We moved onto looking at health and hygiene standards within food preparation areas and discussed in detail about the possible foods which may hurt us if we are not careful when preparing or cooking them. We also looked at bacteria and germs and they loved finding out that germs live in the air, in water, in soil and on humans! We also found out that cold places are used to store food because they send bacteria to sleep, and we cook them in hot places in order to kill the bacteria and make some foods safe to eat. 

Once the children had created their products in the ‘kitchen’, following health and safety standards learnt, they then became waiters and waitresses in the ‘Class Café’ to serve the other children their products they had made. 

We were all willing to try the products but agreed that the sweets had not improved the taste of the bread. Surprisingly, the children enjoyed the bread without all the additional sweets! 

The fruit we used to make our fruit salads was generously donated by Michael Fisher. Fishers’ Farm Shop Ltd are suppliers of fruit, vegetables and lots of other products, based on Stallingborough Road, in Little London.