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Christingle Services with Reverend Julie

Pilgrim Academy have spent time creating and learning about Christingles.

The children have learnt a lot about them, creating their own in class, and describing what each part of it symbolises in the Christian faith.

They discovered how the sweets or dried fruit represents the fruits of the earth, while the four cocktail sticks show the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The most important part of the Christingle is the candle, this symbolises Jesus being the light of the world, bringing hope to those in darkness.

Classes across Early Years and Key Stage 1 had the opportunity to attend St Andrew’s Church in Immingham to attend a service held by Reverend Julie Donn.

Parents were also invited to join the children at the services to discuss and celebrate the story of the birth of Jesus.

Reverend Julie led the service which taught the children all about each part of the Christingle and what they represent.

The pupils were able to tell Reverend Julie how the orange represents the world and the red ribbon symbolises the blood of Christ.

Reverend Julie also explained about Advent and the children sang songs before lighting their candles on their Christingles and turning out the lights to create a magical atmosphere in church.

Parents commented on how lovely the service was and how well behaved all of the children were with their candles.

Principal Rachel Clarke said: “We would like to thank Rev. Julie for welcoming us into St Andrew’s Church and for the heart-warming services.

The children have done so well remembering all of the different elements of the Christingle and they have paid great attention when learning about Christmas in lessons.”