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Chefs Give Children A Masterclass in Baking

Making bread and home-made pasta at Pilgrim Academy. Pictured (front, l-r) are pupils Isla Sharpe, Ruby-Leigh Goy, Bethany Fleming, Archie Fisher, Max Rush and Jake Boyd. (Back l-r) Sam Cresswell (Mellors Development Chef), Mrs Emma King (Early Years Teaching Assistant), Tracey Connor (Academy Chef) and Mike Stroud (Mellors Development Chef). 

A pasta and bread making class had pupils’ taste buds watering at Pilgrim Academy.

The masterclass in how to make home-made pasta and lavash bread was provided by chefs from award-winning school caterers, Mellors, who provide the Academy’s lunches.

Development Chefs Mike Stroud and Sam Cresswell showed pupils the different ingredients involved in their staple dishes, and gave them the opportunity to roll out the pasta for themselves. Afterwards they had the opportunity to try the lavash bread, which was baked in the school kitchens for them by Academy Chef Tracey Connor.

Mike said: “This is a fun workshop that gets the children thinking about how their food is made and what goes into it. They love seeing the pasta made and they enjoy learning about what ingredients we use to make it. They get a recipe card to take home and make it with their parents too.”

Early Years Teaching Assistant, Emma King, said the children enjoyed seeing how their food is made and especially tasting it afterwards. 

Mellors Development Chef Sam Cresswell rolls out the pasta with Year 1 pupils, Callum Soady and Roman Brown.

FS2 pupil Lachezara Lilova rolls out pasta with Mellors Development Chef Mike Stroud.

 Mellors Development Chef Mike Stroud gives Pilgrim Academy pupils a masterclass in bread making.