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Bradford House Takes Sports Day Title

Pilgrim Academy pupils from Nursery up to Year 6 took part in their Sports Day events, with Bradford House finishing on top.

Pupils competed in their year groups against each other and had the opportunity to win place stickers for each event. They took part in a number of events such as sprinting, skipping, throwing and jumping. They also competed in team events in their groups. The children scored points for their House group for each event and these points contributed towards the overall House totals.

The top scoring boys and girls in each class also received a medal for their achievements. Every pupil performed extremely well during the two days of sport and it was fantastic to see them cheering each other on and congratulating the winners of each event. It will be exciting to see how the pupils develop their sporting skills ready for next year’s event.

The House Competition was very close with all Houses scoring over 400 points. The winning House was Bradford and House Captain, Bozhidar Georgiev, accepted the trophy on behalf of his team.

Well done to all pupils who took part in Sports Day, everyone is so proud of you!

Picture captions:

09: (L-R) Phoebe Hickson, Poppy Walker, Scarlett Fleming, Betsy Scott and Wiktoria Gruszka take part in the Egg and Spoon race.


14:  (L-R) Ellie-May Whitlock, Phoebe Cain and Evie Houghton take part in the Vortex Howler Throw.


21 – Darcey Rodger takes part in the Standing Long Jump


30- Tomas Anastasov and Cody Gibbard cross the finish line after their 200m race.


35- Lewis Playle wins the 200m race.


47 – Zayne Khan takes part in the Team Challenge Hurdle Relay.


52- (L-R) Antonina Paczuska, Jacob Clark, Mackenzie Parker, Daisy-Mae Easton, Viktoria Parashkevova and Esme Crockett in their sprint race.


62 – (L-R) Barkley Bennett, Kaleb Bouskill, Cadey-Mai Chafer, Grayson Barratt and Darcey Barton in their sprint race.