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Beach Clean Up with Ebb and Flo

River of Resilience have visited our local beach to carry out a beach clean with Ebb and Flo.

The pupils visited Cleethorpes Beach to learn about the environment and the importance of protecting our beaches and wildlife in order to complete a non-chronological report on return to school.

Ebb and Flo were kind enough to let us use their beach clean equipment; each child got a pair of gloves, a littler picker and recyclable bags.

They were given a talk to about what is safe and not safe to pick up and how to identify objects that shouldn’t be on the beach such as looking at the materials and colours of the objects.

Millie from Ebb and Flo helped to explain to the children what items were natural and unnatural in what they had collected.

She also explained that the moon controls the tide and how it goes in and out at different parts of the day. She described to them how the tide is sometimes deeper, depending on the position of the moon.

After the pupils helped to clean the beach, Millie weighed the bags to see which team had managed to collect the most rubbish.

Dragonflies class couldn’t believe that we collected a total of 1.7kg!

The pupils were shown how plastic can be harming our wildlife with the use of soft toys. They were filled with plastic objects to demonstrate what can happen to our animals if litter is able to get into the oceans.

The children asked questions about what they can do to prevent this, so we discussed recycling, using less materials and ensuring our rubbish goes in the bins, or home with us.

We also went to have a look at the different sea defences on the North Promenade and discovered that the walls were build to prevent flooding, which had previously occurred in the 1970s.

We also learned how the rocks on the groyne, that protect the sea life and sea walls, came from Norway, some weighing up to 4 tonnes each!

They were also told of the ancient sunken forest out in the river, to which they were shocked!

The children enjoyed the visits and said they would consider where they put their rubbish in future.