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Elysia (6) Launches Fundraiser For Park Play Equipment Destroyed By Fire

(Front) Pilgrim Academy pupil Elysia Nicolaou (6) with her Year 2 class after launching her bid to raise money for new play equipment for Pilgrim Park in Immingham, which is believed to have been burnt down by vandals. Also pictured are (back row, l-r) her parents Lee Shakespeare and Vicky Johnson, Teacher Mrs Mel Portlock, and Pilgrim Academy Principal, Andy Clark.

A six-year-old Pilgrim Academy pupil is hoping to raise money to restore her favourite play equipment at an Immingham Park after it was destroyed by fire.

Elysia Nicolaou was so upset when she discovered what had happened to the climbing frame at Pilgrim Park that she immediately launched her own fundraising page and vowed to walk across the Humber Bridge and back to raise money for the cause. She is enlisting the help of her school-friends and teachers and, in just a few days, Elysia’s GoFundMe page has already raised more than £600.

“The climbing frame was my favourite bit of the park and I used to play on it on the way to school each day,” said Elysia  “Me and my friend Bethany pretended we were in a pirate ship and sometimes we played shops.

“I saw the fire engines come and I saw the thick smoke from the park when I was at my friend’s party, and I felt very upset. I love the park and I would like them to be able to build something else for us to play on,” she said.

Elysia is supported by her parents, Vicky Johnson and Lee Shakespeare, who said they are extremely proud of their daughter’s efforts to do something good to restore the park.

“She is a very determined little girl and all of this has been her idea. We are helping her to organise it, but she is the driving force behind it all,” said Mum Vicky.

“Elysia has always loved the park. If she gets ready for school quickly in the mornings she gets the chance to call at the park for a few minutes play on the way in.” 

The fundraising walk will take place on Sunday June 19 beginning at 9.30am and Elysia plans to stop for a mini-picnic half way across to keep her energy levels up.

“We are going to have a cupcake and a drink to keep us going,” she said.

Local postal workers have pledged their support to the cause, and staff at Pilgrim Academy are backing Elysia all the way. 

Andy Clark, Pilgrim Academy Principal, said: “We are very proud of Elysia. This is a worthwhile cause and it is good to see children of such a young age with a social conscience.”

You can donate to Elysia’s cause by visiting her GoFundMe page at 

“It would be nice if people could support us in any way they can so that we can have something new to play on at the park,” added Elysia.

Elysia Nicolaou (6) is raising money to replace her favourite climbing frame, which was destroyed in a fire at Pilgrim Park, in Immingham.

Elysia (6) gets her trainers out ready to walk across the Humber Bridge and back.

Year 2 pupil Elysia Nicolaou (6) with her Teacher Mrs Mel Portlock, who is supporting Elysia’s bid to raise money for Pilgrim Park.